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About The Book

Canberra is well known as the political capital of Australia and we also know that perceptions of Canberra as a public service town are ubiquitous throughout the nation. But Canberra is a vibrant community of entrepreneurial activity, The new Canberra Business Chamber, the Canberra Chamber of Women in Business, the CBD Ltd, and many other networks have emerged lately to support this resurgence in business activity in this city.

There are 35,000+ businesses already operating in Canberra, and with Federal Government cuts to the Public Service, we are seeing a transformation of this city from one firmly based on the public sector, to one which is seeing the business sector now offering more opportunities than ever before. If you live in the Canberra region, you already know that there is so much more to Canberra than government

Many business owners in Canberra have thrived and managed to grow their businesses right here for more than a decade. They are tried and proven business models, lead by very capable business minds, and in this book, we capture their stories.

The book is at once a celebration of some of the city’s most successful businesses, as well as an inspiration for those fledgling businesses that are just starting out. It’s an encouragement to others, who would like to start their own business ventures, (or perhaps hope for those who may be struggling), and maybe even convince interstate operators to establish, or even relocate their businesses here.

The old adage runs true: “we should stand on the shoulders of giants who go before us”, and this book is a compilation of the stories of the very personal business journeys of some of these very businesses, who have found success in Canberra. The human stories behind the businesses.

It will be a valuable source of information to any business owner, any future business owner and to the Canberra community of consumers, who want to ‘buy local’ and support our local business community. Canberra is about community, and if business is about trust (and it is), these are the businesses, whose stories will engage you and make the art of doing business locally, so much more rewarding.

Thank you to all of our supporters who believed in this project and helped to make it a reality, and finally to the business owners who have allowed us into their private lives, for the benefit of the many. “You have paid it forward.” Bravo! We will be working on Volume Two very soon. (It’s such a positive project, we must repeat it!)

Release: This first book is due to be released on August 28th 2016, at the National Library. (Please sign up to the newsletter below if you wish to stay informed.) And if you know of someone who should be IN our next book, please fill in the “Recommend – A – Business” section of the website.

Meet The Author

Suzanne Kiraly

Suzanne Kiraly


Suzanne Kiraly is a digital publishing consultant, book coach and agent to select clients with interesting publishing projects. She is in love with books and the publishing process, and finds people and their stories fascinating. Suzanne has always found that people with entrepreneurial tendencies (who take the plunge and go into business), are very special. Thos who survive and thrive have gained much wisdom along the way.

Occasionally Suzanne writes and publishes her own work, in an eclectic fashion, on topics that capture her interest.