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Canberra Business Success Stories



50+ Human Stories To Inspire You


The full colour book is a celebration of some of the city’s most successful businesses, and an inspiration for those fledgling businesses just starting out. If you’re in business, you should own this book.


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It’s encouragement to others who would like to start their own businesses, (or perhaps hope for those who may be struggling), and maybe even convince interstate operators to establish or relocate their businesses here.

The old adage runs true: “we should stand on the shoulders of giants who go before us”, and this book is a compilation of the stories of the very personal business journeys of some of these very businesses, who have found success in Canberra. The human stories behind the businesses.

These business owners have grown their businesses over a period of ten years or more; their businesses have bucked the trend of failure, so often cited in business statistics.

It will be a valuable source of information to any business owner, any future business owner and to the Canberra community of consumers, who want to buy local and support our local business community.

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